Giant, empty and deadly - Teahupo’o.
Photo: Ryan Miller

We all have potential of messing up

Anonymous asked:
How would you describe your girlfriend?

Hmmm I would say very loud, really weird because the things that she does haha but that’s when she makes me laugh, so she’s really funny.
She’s kind and very loving. Sweeter than candy that causes cavities. She’s independent but also helps people out of her own needs. She sacrifices her time to make time easier for someone else.
She is so beautiful. They way she smiles and how her eyes follow through. It’s something I long to see everyday.
Let’s just say I’m blessed to call her my own.


Attention: Stop self promoting on other people’s photos. Don’t leach off other people’s creativity. It’s weird and shitty.
That is all, carry on.



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